CV Darko Telecom

Darko Milosevic
Work Expirience
Entrepreneurship skillsCo-founder | Software Developer Developed a virtual agency business model. ▪ Programming database, CRS (Central Reservation System), CMS and 500 websites for hotels. ▪ Start-up Call Centre, increased the number of hotels in the database for 150% on 15,000 hotels.
Team leadershipProgramiranje Booking, sajt za PhD, Call Centar projekti
Mathematical competence AHP, TOPSIS, Fuzzy, Linear Programming
Science and technologyMaster Booking, PhD, new technology and innovation
Digital competence New technology and innovation
CommunicationIntuitive, Reliability, Analytic Skills
Cultural awareness and expressionMulti-cultural, Guca, PhD, study
Mobile Devices
Business Strategysvi projekti faks, firma
Innovation ManagementInnovation Management – Trourism, Automotive Industry, Internet Advertising Industry
Market ResearchTelecommunication, Tourism,
Project ManagementEMG, Telecom,
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