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Darko Milosevic graduate on LUM University on thesis New technology and innovation in Automotive industry

Info TeleNet Group
Info Telenet Group ltd, Belgrade (Serbia)
Call Center Manager
  • Negotiation and sales package of fixed and mobile services through telemarketing, cross-selling / upselling sales techniques.
  • Developing network of virtual agencies, improving call center efficiency 98%.
  • Implementation of VoIP call centers, telemarketing and telesales (Asterix dialer, IVR, X-Lite, Zoiper), customer services.
  • Work on agents daily statistics in the call center, team builder, controller, and main motivator.
  • Responsible for maintenance of call management software, call recording system, LAN, WAN, TCP/IP, Cisco routers, switches and bridges.
Deutsche Telekom
Deutsche Telekom | AG Widl & Beer Evolution Call GmbH, Bonn Area, (Germany)
Call Center Project Manager
  • Deutsche Telekom | AG Widl & Beer Evolution Call GmbH, Bonn Area, (Germany)
  • Realized total profit at the end of sales € 4.5m working on project for MyPhone Austria GmbH.
  • Consultant, advised mobile operators German Net and Telecom GmbH.
  • Manage cross-sell / up-sell project for fixed network, Internet, and mobile telephony.
  • Increased the number of end-clients by 28% and number of contracts for the purchase of mobile packages by 20%.
  • Recruitment of agents, trainings, and advised sales team.
  • Technical support for chat service: M-Car, MintNet, Moreconchat, Premium-SMS, Wap push.
Telekom Srbija
Telekom Srbija ad
Manager Contact Center Executive (19771)
  • Managed 4 different IT teams and 10 operations staff in the call center.
  • Measuring the impact of pricing on call behavior, developing pricing optimization models, analyzing the impact on pricing and profitability by customer / day / time / etc.
  • Data analysis and analysis of customer behavior and trends to recommend service improvements, customer complaints and resolution of problems.
  • System maintenance: Alcatel 1000-E10, Siemens-EWSD, Ericsson's AXE10, ADSL, ISDN, PBX, PCM (HDSL, xDLS and IPTV).
  • Increased IT efficiencies, maintenance and repair of telecommunications network.
  • Contact Centre Supervisor responsible for receiving incoming calls (19771). Doubled the size of the customer service department from 17,000 to 33,000 fixed telephony users. Daily monitoring of all activities for 4 engineering teams and 10 agents in the contact center in four different cities.
  • Analysis of the impact of the price fixed telephony on the behavior of users, analyzes of trends for calling in relation to the day / time, making recommendations for improving the service.
  • Participation in the modeling and designing of Oracle relational database, data processing and help in the development of business-to-employee (B2E), business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) portals.
  • Supervision and system maintenance, testing, measuring, and installation of connection on the main telephone exchange Alcatel 1000-E10, DSL duplex digital transmission, dual simplex digital transmission, ADSL, ISDN, PBX, PCM (Siemens EWSD, Ericsson's AXE10), HDSL, xDLS, and IPTV.
Info Telenet Group
Hospitality Management Consultant

The main consultant for last ten years in the field of Hospitality Management managing a budget for hotel promotions of €5.4m.
▪ Devised an effective CRM strategy for debt collection and loyalty program for hotels and customers (10 nights sleep, pay 7).
▪ Increased the company revenue by 25% annually, signed contract with 45,000 hotels and 250 travel agencies.
▪ Developed a database for 13,000 new products for hotels in over 370 categories, signed a contract with 400 companies in region of CEE.
▪ Responsible for the promotion of music festivals: Eurovision, Guca Trumpet Festival and Exit, worked as a professional Event Marketing Manager.
▪ Lecturer, mentor, manager of Business Start-up Work Programme for young entrepreneurs for a period of 3 months - industry research, writing a business plan, creating a web sites, consulting and management during the first 6 months.
▪ Lecturer and manager of the Work Programme for taking the ECDL certificates, 60 participants in the group. Training for work in Access, Excel, Word, Power Point, Outlook, how to use CMS, how to create a website, blog, programming in Dreamweaver, installing Windows and Linux.

Software Developer

Consulted the Verat how to define Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA), re-organization, re-engineering, and redesign. Revenue increased for €1.1m for six-month.
▪ Analysis of the industrial trends on 4G mobile market in Serbia - Telecommunications, Internet and VoIP services, developing, improving and extend "one-to-one" CRM network.
▪ Defined budget plan for promotion and sale for next six-month of €200.000.
▪ Reengineering of database, design of MCDM competitive intelligence program, data acquisition and transformation into knowledge management.
▪ Signing a contract with few call centers contributed to the creation and development of business network for 9,429 new customers.

TeleNet Start-up Business School

- Working training program 3 months, two groups, every year.
- MySQL, CMS and Microsoft database, forming price calculator in excel, forming a playlist in YouTube, creating web page on Facebook, use the Internet to search through Telenet expert database, multi-lingual input.
- ECDL exam for certificate.
- Psycho-emotional preselection of the profile of the candidate to work in Call Center.

Training in Telenet Call Center to work in Access, Word, Excel, Internet, in CMS:
- Entering full information about 15.000 hotels in Access database.
- Entering 13,000 products for hotels in over 370 different categories.
- Working on different programming models offline and online.
- Direct contract with 400 companies from Serbia, Croatian, Montenegro, Bosnia and Slovenia.
- Individual company Sales & Marketing Plan.
- Directly promoted different groups of products to the hotels, signed a contracts.
- Testing of candidates to continue working as database and sales agents in TeleNet Call Center.

Telefonija Beograd
Engineering Consultant

Responsible for the development and realization of strategic sales plan of telecommunications equipment (hardware and software).
▪ Increased database for business customers by 38%, conducted an network analysis and developed a GIS application for future potential customers.
▪ Using different criterion by using AHP, ARAS, Fuzzy objective linear programming, and MCDA, created the optimal combination (rang lists) for the purchase of products and services.
▪ Consulting, negotiation and sales with business clients. Increased total sales of 20,7% within 6 months for products: Avaya, Ericsson, Ascom, Keymile, and SDH, PDH, HDSL modems.

Pošta Srbije ad
Telecommunication Technician
May 5, 1996 to May 4, 1997
Responsible to maintenance and repair telecommunication network and telephone directory services.
- Supervision and system maintenance, logical system analysis and data acquiring
- Maintenance and exploitation of capacities, data transmission services, ISDN, ADSL, intelligent network services, stationary telephony services for using DECT standard
- Measuring through Alcatel 1000 E10
- DSL transmission systems through telephone pairs (ADSL, ISDN, PBX, PCM)
- Testing of communication equipment and installations
- Installation of commutation network exchange Siemens EWSD, Ericsson's AXE10
- Installation of duplex digital transmission and dual simplex digital transmission
- Analogue outermost devices (cable, wireless, fax apparatuses, analogue modems)
- Realization of work directive, phone number plugging in, ranging of a subscribers pair
- Automatic, periodical and on-request checking, monitoring, service quality control, locating and removing of failures
- Testing, measuring and determining the noise on the phone line, processing installation, relocation and replacement TT cable, open (close) the cable extensions.
EMG d.o.o.
Electrical engineer

Collecting of data for making offers, estimation of preparation of technical scales of norms for giving expert opinion.
- Graphic Design and engineering, data collection, drafting of technical norms and standards.
- Measurement, control and supervision of electricity, lightning protection, anti-fire installations.
- The project plan for over 1,000 clients during the 4 years of work in the family business.
- Setting up of electrical installations, fire protection, lightning protection, telecommunications and information networks in about 40 houses and buildings on the ground.
- Installation and configuration of operating systems and application software.
- Video equipment installation and maintenance included but not limited to monitors, cameras, codex, video bridge, and connectivity to support video transmission.
- Responsibility in computer engineering, marketing, negotiation and sells.
- Planned, implemented, and coordinated a variety of marketing activities and events.
- Deal with customers both face to face and on the telephone.

Darko Milosevic


Entrepreneurship skills

Co-founder | Software Developer
Developed a virtual agency business model.
▪ Programming database, CRS (Central Reservation System), CMS and 500 websites for hotels.
▪ Start-up Call Centre, increased the number of hotels in the database for 150% on 15,000 hotels.

Team leadership

Programiranje Booking, sajt za PhD, Call Centar projekti

Mathematical competence

AHP, TOPSIS, Fuzzy, Linear Programming

Science and technology

Master Booking, PhD, new technology and innovation

Digital competence

New technology and innovation


Intuitive, Reliability, Analytic Skills

Cultural awareness and expression

Multi-cultural, Guca, PhD, study

Mobile Devices
Business Strategy

svi projekti faks, firma

Innovation Management

Innovation Management - Trourism, Automotive Industry, Internet Advertising Industry

Market Research

Telecommunication, Tourism,

Project Management

EMG, Telecom,

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